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  • NLREG is in use at hundreds of universities, laboratories, and government agencies around the world (over 20 countries). For a list of a few organizations using NLREG click here.

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    NLREG Versions

      Standard GUI Advanced GUI DLL Library COM Object
    Maximum variables 5 2000 2000 2000
    Maximum parameters 5 2000 2000 2000
    Maximum data records 500 unlimited (1) unlimited (1) unlimited (1)
    C-like language Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Line function plots Yes Yes No No
    Line residual plots Yes Yes No No
    Normal probability plots Yes Yes No No
    3d surface plots No Yes No No
    3D residual plots No Yes No No
    Surface contour plots No Yes No No
    Call from C++ No No Yes Possible (5)
    Call from Visual Basic No No Possible (6) Yes
    Call from ASP No No No Yes
    Price, E-mail delivery (2)






    View the NLREG license agreement.

    (1) The maximum number of data records that can be processed depends on the available memory space on your computer.

    (2) The NLREG program file, manual in PDF format, and example files will be delivered via download.

    (3) The NLREG program is sent on a CD with a bound, printed manual.  USPS Priority Mail is used.

    (4) The NLREG program is sent on a CD with a bound, printed manual.  Postal air mail shipping is used.

    (5) The COM object version can be called from C++, but you are responsible for passing and receiving Variant data types.

    (6) The DLL library can be called from Visual Basic, but it is much more convenient to use the COM object version.

    (*) There is a $20 service charge for orders using a purchase order that require an invoice for payment.

    If you cannot use Paypal or prefer not to, contact the author via e-mail to have your credit card charge processed directly.

    You can also mail your order to:

    Phillip H. Sherrod
    9207 Brushboro Drive
    Brentwood, TN

    The author of NLREG is available for consulting on data modeling and nonlinear regression projects.
    Contact via e-mail for information.

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