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  • NLREG is in use at hundreds of universities, laboratories, and government agencies around the world (over 20 countries). For a list of a few organizations using NLREG click here.

  • If you have categorical variables, you may want to use a Decision Tree to model your data. Check out the DTREG Decision Tree Builder.

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    Some Sites Using NLREG

    • National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST)
    • National Institutes of Health
    • U.S. Army
    • U.S. Navy
    • British Electronics Warfare Laboratory
    • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    • Sandia National Labs
    • Argonne National Laboratory
    • Brookhaven National Labs
    • U.S. Geological Survey
    • Washington State Power Board
    • National Wind Technology Center
    • VA Medical Center
    • Inst. of Geological & Nuclear Sciences
    • Dept. of Clinical Physics, Guy's Hospital U.K.
    • Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore
    • National Inst. of Animal Science, Denmark
    • Danish Road Institute
    • Max Planck Institute, Germany
    • Institut fuer Technische Physik, Germany
    • MIT
    • Harvard University
    • Duke University
    • Cambridge University
    • UCLA
    • Johns Hopkins Univ.
    • Univ. of California
    • Univ. of Connecticut Health Center
    • Univ. of Delaware
    • Univ. of Wisconsin
    • Univ. of Illinois
    • Univ. of Virginia
    • Penn State Univ.
    • Univ. of Pennsylvania
    • State University of New York (SUNY)
    • Purdue University
    • Texas Tech Univ.
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison
    • Univ. of Milwaukee
    • University College London
    • Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing)
    • Univ. Di Struttura Della Materia, Italy
    • Inst. of Tropical Medicine, Nagasaki Univ., Japan
    • Univ. de Berne, Switzerland
    • Lipv Univ, Spain
    • Polish Academy of Sciences
    • Gdansk University of Technology (Poland)
    • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    • The University of Wollongong (Australia)
    • Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (Germany)
    • Prins Maurits Laboratory
    • Research Group Rocket Technology
    • Intel
    • General Electric
    • Boeing
    • Sony
    • DuPont
    • Siemens
    • Caterpillar
    • Pfizer
    • Eastman Kodak
    • General Dynamics
    • Carrier Corporation

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