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  • NLREG is in use at hundreds of universities, laboratories, and government agencies around the world (over 20 countries). For a list of a few organizations using NLREG click here.

  • If you have categorical variables, you may want to use a Decision Tree to model your data. Check out the DTREG Decision Tree Builder.

  • You also should check out the News Rover program that automatically scans Usenet newsgroups, downloads messages of interest to you, decodes binary file attachments, reconstructs files split across multiple messages, and eliminates spam and duplicate files.

    Download Demonstration Copy Of NLREG

    System Requirements for NLREG:

    • Windows 95/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 (There is no version of NLREG for Linux or Macintosh)
    • 5 MB of disk space.

    Limitations Of the Demo Version of NLREG:

    • Maximum of 5 input variables.
    • Maximum of 5 parameters whose values will be calculated.
    • Maximum of 50 data records (observations).
    • It will only run for 30 days.

    Clean software assurance:
    • The NLREG installation program (nlrsetup.exe) is scanned regularly by multiple anti-virus programs.
    • NLREG does not contain any adware or spyware. It does not collect or report any information.
    • NLREG does not alter any system settings or the settings of any other programs.
    • NLREG does not install any software other than NLREG.
    • NLREG can be uninstalled easily and cleanly using the procedure described below.
    • NLREG has a simple and clear license agreement.

    Installation instructions:

    Uninstall instructions:

    • Use the standard Windows program uninstall procedure accessible through the Control Panel.
    • NLREG places files only in its installation folder which is normally C:\Program files (x86)\NLREG\ If you delete this folder, NLREG will be completely removed.

    If you have any problems installing or using NLREG, we want to know about it.
    Please send problem reports and questions to

    The author of NLREG is available for consulting on data modeling and nonlinear regression projects.
    Contact via e-mail for information.